Enterprise Education for Young People

GetSet for Business is a not-for-profit organisation that provides Enterprise Education to Young People.

We work with young people in schools, colleges, universities, community groups and support groups to inform and inspire Enterprise learning and Entreprenuership in an innovative and interactive way.

We develop tailored workshops specific to the type of establishment, age of the audience and objectives of the learning. Our workshops are focused around setting up real trading mini enterprises and whether the age of the group is 7 or 30, they develop a range of skills which will improve and enhance future entreprenuerial and career opportunities.

The workshops are fun and interactive and not only benefit the group but can also raise critical funds for your organisation from profits received from the trading enterprises.

To support our workshops, we have also created a unique GetSet for Business online Enterprise Programme which supports the enterprise learning and users can write their own bespoke business plan via the online programme as well as learning about all elements of starting and running a business.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we cover our costs through grants, sponsorship and delivery income so we can often deliver a project for little or sometimes no charge. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Enterprise Learning helps young people to:
Interact Improve important life skills such as confidence, teamwork, creativity and planning.
Receive Create marketing materials and learn about business promotion and customer care.
Create Be Responsbile for a particular role within the team and manage tasks assosciated with that role.
Prepare Prepare financial budgets and business plans for the project and manage cashflow.
Analyse Calculate costs and pricing and find innovative ways to maximise gross profits.
Learn Negotiate with suppliers and other stakeholders, work as a team and present results.
Network Create a real mini enterprise, sell goods and services and generate funds for the establishment.
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