Key Stage 2 School Enterprise Projects
Our Key Stage 2 projects are available for Year 4, 5 and 6 students and range from simulated enterprise days to setting up real trading mini enterprises and fundraising for the school. We are currently delivering the following project workshops:


Our Flagship programme is delivered in one class for up to 30 Year 5 or 6 students over 1 day and creates real businesses trading within the school for one week during breaks, lunch-time and after school. The class is separated into enterprise teams who each select a business idea, devise a business name and assign each team member a role such as marketing and finance managers. GetSet for Business deliver an Enterprise Presentation and offer advice to help teams set up their mini enterprises. The teams then prepare for trading by creating their business strategy, action plan and marketing materials and are given a repayable loan of 50 to allow them to begin trading two days later. The children are guided by our character WILF (What I am Looking For) throughout the programme and a Teachers Guide provides assistance at key points during the week. The children learn a host of skills such as how to promote the business via marketing tools, manage finances by keeping a record of revenue and profit, how to plan and delegate tasks, how to negotiate with suppliers to receive discounts and the concept of customer care and service. A typical project can generate around 500 funding for the school. Cost: £15 per child


The Creative project involves students setting up card making, pot painting or badge making enterprises and is run over one day followed by a trading period (usually after school) to sell the products the teams create. The project is delivered in one class and can involve up to 30 children. The group is separated into teams and each team devises a business name and chooses a team leader. After an Enterprise Presentation, the students spend the first part of the day creating products for sale and calculating the cost price of each item. The afternoon involves creating marketing material and applying profit margins to generate the selling price of each item. The following week is spent generating interest around the school and communicating with target markets and the trading period occurs a week after the enterprise day. The enterprise who generates the highest profit margin will receive a prize. All revenue is donated to the school and all team members are awarded with an Enterprise Certificate. A typical project can generate 100 funding for the school. Cost: £12 per child


The Simulation project is run over one day and can involve up to 60 children. The group are separated into teams and each is responsible for one aspect of the enterprise; Production, Marketing, Finance, Selling and Customers. The children are given a business idea and the tools to allow them to simulate a trading business throughout the day. At the end of the day, they perform a role-play and present their decisions to the other departments within the enterprise. All team members are awarded with an Enterprise Certificate at the end of the day. Cost: £10 per child